All water heaters can be manufactured in the same shapes and same dimensions as the hot-water storage tanks. It goes without saying that this type of vessel is also available completely made of special steel. Sizes with a volume of up to 5 000 litres and tubular heat exchangers with 10 bar operating pressure (gage), 200°C flow temperature are also type-tested. Objects with special dimensions will be subjected to an individual TÜV approval test. Heating surfaces are designed as tubular heat exchangers, pipe coils and/or pipe registers of steel, copper and special steel. Water heaters acc. to DIN 4802 - 4804 with pipe coil or register as well as double shell are also part of our range of products.

For water heaters with several flow variants we provide a solution using two sets of tubular heat exchangers. Electric heating elements with threaded or flanged joints are available and can be supplied with the consignment. In case that you should require any replacement tubular heat exchangers or gaskets, we can supply these parts upon short notice.

Service water heater with rubber coating (partitioned design), for ships

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