Over 50 Years Of Know-How And Success - The History Of Eugen Büdenbender GmbH & Co. KG  

The Siegerland, a classic location for the iron and steel working industry, was the setting in which the foundation stone for the current factory was laid by its founder Eugen Büdenbender in 1948. Under the most basic of conditions, yet with very high technical expertise, the first vessels were manufactured in the so-called "Old Shop".

the first Eugen Büdenbender "manufacturing shop" in 1948

stock keeping in 1964
Eugen Büdenbender built the new company with virtues such as high skills, hard work and careful economic management. Conditions were not always in favour of the young manufacture (the picture on the left shows how a freshly assembled vessel is pushed into "storage") and technical resources such as cranes or forklift trucks, initially, were luxurious goods far beyond all financial possibilities.

fuel oil tanks, 1961
By extending our product range, e. g. by water heaters with tubular heat exchangers, as well as compressed-air reservoirs and pressure vessels for water, we did not only fulfil economic requirements but also followed the demands of state-of-the-art technology. Consequently, the company's versatility was raised considerably and the old factory soon turned out to be too small.

new factory, 1971

heat exchanger with bank of tubes
In 1971, a new manufacturing shop was built. This modern steel construction with large cranes opened up a new era of entirely new production capacities. Once more, the delivery programme was extended, this time by vessels many times the size and weight as those from the former scope of production.
The high quality of our products, our flexibility and versatile delivery programme have given a high reputation to Eugen Büdenbender GmbH & Co. KG in both national and international terms.

new building, 1971

corporate founder Eugen Büdenbender examining a filter vessel
Only a few years later the new building, again, turned out to be too small for the increasing production.
In order to continue to do justice also in the future to our customers' confidence in the high quality of our products and reliable delivery times, the shop was extended in 1984.

submerged arc welding system with silo vessel
After completion of the shop extension, the company invested into further technical novelties. Thus, e.g., a modern submerged arcwelding system with video camera technology was purchased which allows the welding of vessels with diameters of up to 3 400 mm.In order to continue to fulfil our customers' requirements also in thefuture by keeping a better stocked ingoing material depot, the floorspace for storage was extended.
Corporate founder Eugen Büdenbender always attached great value to high quality, flexibility and precision, a standard which has been continued by his sons right to the present day.

monitoring of the welding process via video camera
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